Friday, June 09, 2006

Here is a link to a page where I have a song up that I wrote and recorded The title is Hold My Hand and should currently be at the top of my page.

If your eardrums are permanently damaged, or you suffer servere emotional distress from listening to the song, I claim no responsibility :p

Call me nuts, call me crazy, but I'm about to start some barefoot running. I've read about it online and have come to the conclusion that I HAVE to try it! Human feet weren't designed to have shoes on them. Yes, we use them for protection, but the feeling at the barefoot running sites are that we protect them far too much, and thus they are weakened. Running barefoot builds up the supporting muscles of the ankle and makes your feet and legs LESS susceptible to injury. (thank you, Tony, who commented and corrected me. Pardon my brain going on vacation.) Is it true, and is it a viable option for nowadays running where a lot takes place on blacktop? I'm gonna have to see! "They" suggest starting on grass or other soft surface, so I will be adding a little to my run on Monday. The last run in my New Balance shoes left my right foot aching and my left knee hurting, so I'm taking off the week and will start up again sometime next week. It's going to be all I can do to keep from going out sooner than I should to let the injuries heal :p

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