Sunday, June 04, 2006

I've been picking again. Yesterday it rained all day and I was able to get a good amount of time in with the guitar. I've been working on listening to songs, playing backup along with them (and writing the chords down) and then recording backup to play along with at a slower tempo. One tune I've been working on I made a recording of, Margaret's Waltz. The second time through on the clip I've recorded a duet with myself.

I found a cool guitar recording at youtube.com of Bereli Lagrene, playing Hungaria.

I also found how to pull videos off youtube.com; Mozilla Firefox has an extension that allows you to save videos in FLV form called VideoDownloader. I still haven't found a converter to make it so I can burn them to DVD and watch them in a regular DVD player, but I know they're out there. There may be another way to save the videos that I'm not aware of, but since I went a while without knowing how to do it I figured I'd blog about it for any of you who might want to archive good clips.

We got a new blender. Everyone is using it like crazy :p So far I've used it twice to make shakes for breakfast (1/4 cup walnuts, 1-2 tsp chocolate power, small handful of raisins, about 1 cup water). It tastes good, actually, and the raisins are so pulverized I can't see them in the shake. Just those 4 ingredients make a very drinkable, ALMOST milkshake like liquid. Ok, enough raving about the blender.

I've been reading a book about a guy who runs 100 miles and more at a time. My TINY long run of almost 8 miles seems very unimpressive. I don't understand how he can run that long, but I know that I'm just itching to get out on my next run. And no, it won't be 100 miles ;)

ETA: A link to an older news story on Kent Hovind.

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