Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lacey came to see us today with her dad from NC. :D

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Well, today I did another barefoot run. This time I took off without my shoes. Up to now I've been wearing shoes the first part, then stashing them in the park and running from there, then returning to the park and running shod back home. I caught a reflection in the windows downtown, and I was surprised that my running form looks quite a bit different than it usually does. I focused pretty much on running, in contrast to the mind-wandering jogging I usually do.

This might gross you out, but since this is sort of a running journal anyhow, here's what the wear looks like from my two mile run. First mile was 7:44, the entire run was 21 minutes (had to walk a bit, I took the first part too fast). I also have two slight blisters on my middle toes. That might take me out for a few days. When I return I may have to keep down to a mile instead of two miles until my toes toughen up.

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