Monday, June 19, 2006

Picture time (yes, I know it's premature, but I've got wireless, and I can't resist). Stories about the trip (and more pictures, of course) coming up soon.

Carol and I. We set the camera on its case and then put the timer on.

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And now, the wound!!!!!!!! You might want to shield your eyes a little if you're squeamish.

(scroll down)

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There tis :D I didn't say exactly how traumatic it was :p It was actually very fun to donate blood (as several people already guessed was the cause of the blood loss.)I had made an appointment online so there wasn't as much of a wait as there was for some of the others who just walked in. They pricked me, tested my iron, pulse, temp, asked a gazillion questions, then sent me to the blood letting room (ooooohhh!!!!! Scary :P ) There were tables all around with people lying down on them, bags hanging from the beds with tubes filled with dark red blood, draining out of the people. The nurse came, put a blood pressure cuff on me and asked me to flex my arm. I did, and she looked at my vein and said "oh." Sort of in a good way, I guess. I asked her about it, and she said "It's a pipeline!". So I'm assuming it's good to have a pipeline. Then she stuck a needle in there and taped it on, and left me alone to bleed for a few minutes. Another nurse came by, took it off, told me not to do anything strenuous for a few hours, etc, and to wait on the other side of the room (the 'canteen') for 15 minutes. While I was there, another lady who had just given blood turned white, and they had to put her on a cot and wait for her to feel better. She really was very white!!!! Green lips and all.

Here's a candid shot Carol got when I wasn't looking - while I was explaining how we ought to take a picture of it :P
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