Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The results of the first two barefoot runs: sore calves! My left leg more than my right. My feet feel pretty good. It was more painful to run on the pinecone strewn path between the trees at the park that it was to run on the asphalt. The grass was great, asphalt was pretty good (it was warm at some points because the sun was out) and the rough trail was the worst. I almost got blisters from the first 10 minutes sanwiched in on my first run, I suppose because of the way you push off from your toes. What I did was start my run in shoes, got to the field, took them off and stashed them, ran 10 minutes, then grabbed them and ran a little ways home with them off, then stuck them back on. When I got them back on, it felt like I had 'rockers' on my feet. Like the bottom of them were round.

The next run I did only partially barefoot again (mostly on grass), and I expect the next few runs will only be partially barefoot as well, until my feet toughen up a little. I'd hate to get blisters that keep me from running at all for a while.

The sun has finally come out - it's beautiful! We've been having great weather the past two days, and although it's supposed to shower at noon, I think we're supposed to have some more good weather in the near future. After these WEEKS of rain, the sun is so much more appreciated :)

We're going to NH this weekend (which means pictures?!) to do some gigs and then we'll be visiting with friends. Ahh, life is good. Soon we're going to have to start crunching for the four week trip we have coming up, then things will get hectic.

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