Tuesday, July 18, 2006

There are four hotels across the street from where I am (at a Flying J in Ohio, which is a truckstop) and I have 4-5 connection available.
We sing tonight in Westerville, OH, I believe. We're somewhere East of that, to take showers and whatever and then be able to dump our tanks right here at the Flying J.

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Carol and the NY sunset (which doesn't really show up that well, but it WAS a nice sunset!).

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And Vincent and the boys got into a big argument/tussle/horseplay thing/or whatever in the bus, so somehow after they made up Vincent said no one could say a word, and for some reason everyone thought that was cool so they did it (even the rest of us who could talk thought it was REALLY cool!). It was quiet. They used the sign language alphabet mostly along with body language and tracing letters in the air.

And wow, it's been warm! It's not too bad when you're outside, but inside of buildings with no AC and on the bus it warms up. I just figure when it gets that warm you have to just accept the fact that you might drip with sweat and just live with it. The church we sang at two nights ago just got AC installed the day after we were there :D We're going to be in KY in August though (I think?), so everyone here is just going to have to get used to it.

That's all for this time. (And wow, I practically update more on the road than at home).

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