Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An update on running: I've gone 7 miles so far this week,4 barefoot and 3 with shoes. The only reason I wore the shoes, actually, was because it was a gravel road (see pic below) and that is really painful :p

My tendons are acting up a little, as normal, and my feet are just a wee bit achy tonight. Other than that, it's going pretty good. I can't believe the difference between running barefoot and with shoes. In fact I hardly ever wear regular shoes, unless I'm working with something that requires them for safety's sake, then I go barefoot or with flipflops (I heard they're called "slaps" on the West Coast. Maybe the West Coasters who visit could fill me in on whether that's true or not).

And here are a few pictures.

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A few of us and Mr. Miller, who invited us over to stay at his place which was very nice (and where there was a four mile running loop around the block).

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What most of that running route looked like. It was really fun, but I wish I hadn't had to wear shoes on the gravel.

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And Carol after the concert we did in Minnesota on the bandstand, of which she posted pictures at her blog.

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