Thursday, July 06, 2006

We're headed up to Maine this weekend to do our first festival. I'm not sure if it's a gospel festival or a gospel bluegrass festival. In any case, it should be fun :D

My laptop is still in transit (coming from the repair place in Chicago), I hope for it to arrive this afternoon. I'll try to make sure that we get plenty of pictures on this trip. Next week I expect my blogging to diminish greatly. We'll be on the road for four weeks. Someone had asked in a comment where we're going. You can check the schedule, but to sum it up we're going to NY, OH, MN, IA, KY, VA, NJ, and probably some other states I'm missing. Basically a mid-west/mid-south trip.

If my laptop comes this afternoon I will be sending out a " please confirm subscription" email for the MacDonald Family Singers Newsletter sometime next week, and then a newsletter. I added some people from my address book that hadn't requested a subscription, and now everytime I think about sending out the newsletter I think about those poor people who are going to be innundated with emails from us on the road, and I feel terribly guilty. I guess I'm going to do "If I don't hear from you, you will be unsubscribed" type of thing and clean up the list. From there on I will feel much more comfortable that I'm sending the newsletter to people who really want to get it.

Other than that, I have little news to report. I ran 3 miles barefoot yesterday and got away with just a tiny blister on my left middle toe. My calves are finally starting to get used to this different way of running.


So here are two pictures from NH a few weekends ago.
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Give us a camera and a mirror...

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