Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hey, check out Carol's blog for more details on what we've been doing.

We're at a family reunion in VA, near Virginia Beach. We started out this morning with devotions, then I went on a 5 mile run with my second cousin Rob. It was great! 5 miles never felt so good, despite the blisters I got from sprinting the last little bit. We've spent most of the day between the pool and the kitchen, and talking with family and just having a great time.

I've just got a few minutes on the computer so this is short, but I'm hoping to fill y'all in at some point later in time (or I'll wait for Carol to post, and then direct you there!). God has just been doing so many things in my life, things that I couldn't put into words. God is great!

We watched a DVD at my granddad's house about the universe and the vastness of it, it is absolutely incredible! It makes me just in awe of what and who God is, it's so beyond my human comprehension, and I'm so grateful for God's love and mercy. It's very beyond what we can think about, it's just incredible. Mr. Myers was so encouraging and it was so eye opening to hear someone say you can't trust your feelings. I really can't believe how much deeper joy can get, how much deeper God is than anything in the world or out of it.

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