Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Two nights ago I was working on the words to a song I wasn't really that interested in, it was something I started a few months ago and wondered if I could get any farther with it. At about 11:30pm or so I quit and went to bed. Probably not 5 seconds had gone by when a melody line with some words popped into my head. It was entirely different than what I had been working on, and I knew I'd forget it, so I got a piece of paper and started writing down the words, then notating it with numbers. I soon discovered that without perfect pitch it's VERY hard to notate something without an instrument! So I went downstairs and grabbed my guitar, and to make a long story short, I stayed up till 1:10am working on it, made some revisions in the morning, then I borrowed Peter's laptop (thanks!) and made a recording of it.

(Lo-Fi version)

As always, critique welcome. On technique, song structure, etc, anything is game. I really do want to know, so when you hear something that doesn't sit well, let me know.

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