Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Whew, the day has been full. I wrote up a newsletter to send last night, but I have no connection on my laptop so it'll have to wait. Lots of interesting stories! If you want to be added to the list, email me bonniej@gmail.com and ask to be subscribed.

We're at our grandparent's house in VA. I went on a nice little 4 mile run, half of it uphill. There was one particularly curvy hill that ended up being a mile long, but I kept wanting to go "just a little further" and see if the hill went up much higher. About 2/3s of the run was barefoot, I couldn't run on the gravel. I'm finding that my right foot is severely overpronating, it's very hard to run correctly in the shoes I have no. Barefoot, it's a little better, but I have to consciously think about making my foot straight. The toes actually point out, and the outer muscles of my calf have been bothering me because of that. When I wear flipflops, the inner side gets all compressed while the outside stays 'fluffy.' After the run, I jumped off of the dock into the lake where the rest of us were already swimming. Ahhhh...it was so nice.
BTW, I also discovered that my left knee bothers me while running downhill. I don't like running downhill!

I've got so many other things to blog about, but they're, hm, I'm trying to think of the right word for it. They're too deep to get into while sitting in a loud room, I'll have to compose my thoughts on the laptop later and then blog then when it gets connected. Not that my thoughts are particularly deep compared to anyone else, I'm just finding it hard to concentrate on them!

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