Thursday, September 07, 2006

I guess I ought to update. Yes, Carol is very nice to loan me her laptop while we have wireless :D And it is impossible to update without a connection, thus the sudden lack of posts.

We’ve done a few concerts so far, we jammed with the Doerful family yesterday. It was great! Their 10 year old just rips up the guitar. I know now I really need to change my picking hand position - after jamming for about an hour with my golden gate pick, the skin got rubbed off the back of my index finger and it got really sore. They were inspiring as far as music goes, but it wasn’t discouraging like it is sometimes (like meeting great pickers and feeling “I’ll NEVER be able to pick like that.”

So either a pick change or a technique change is in order.

Enough talking on about guitar, which hardly anyone who visits will be interested in :D

Next stop is Detroit, Michigan (which, depending on when I actually get to post this, may be old news), after that it’s Albert Lea, Minnesota, and then NORTH DAKOTA! And I mean north. I believe the family we’re visiting is just a few miles south of the border. The weather has been pretty nice so far, but I expect it’ll be a little cooler up there.

And an update on the running front. My right Achilles tendon was really bothering me so I took a week off. 2 days into this break, it hurt worse than it had while I was running. I iced it a few times, and that seemed to help. Vincent said (when I asked him to compare the two) that the right ankle looked a little swollen. I can’t figure out why that would happen, but anyhow, a week later (and a run later) it feels so much better. We stopped at a house on Monday that had a pond next to it. Around the pond they had a nice mowed path and around the field it was all mowed. Made for a very nice running path so I did kind of a run for a few minutes, stop to talk to the kids (who were chasing ducks), run a little more, walk some, etc. It hardly felt like a run, but it was good enough for coming back after a weeks’ break.

The bus is running really well compared to how we thought it would fare. We have only added a gallon of oil and we’ve come probably 600-700 miles. Dad said we may have to add more at the next stop. God is faithful. Even if the bus wasn’t running well, He’d still be faithful. We just need to pray to be able to accept whatever happens cheerfully, since our will is certainly not always God’s will. The cheerful part is the hard part :p

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