Friday, September 15, 2006

It is soo windy here this afternoon. We're still in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota. There REALLY are hills here! This morning the guys worked on the house of the people we're staying with, they're trying to get it closed in before winter comes.

Speaking of winter, they predict a 70% chance of snow on Sunday. Snow in summer! They say it shouldn't be more than flurries with the rain, and possibly ice. The wind is blowing outside, it turned over two soup bowls and a plate.

I went for a run before lunch. I had planned to run through the fields, but I found that the cut hay was a lot more poky than I thought, and there were plenty of poky plants out there. I stuck to the path the hay truck had made and when it disappeared I turned around and ran back to the dirt driveway. The dirt, incidentally, was a lot better to run on than I thought it would have been. There were a few rocky places but overall it was much better than gravel. The road was too rocky, so I just turned around at the end of the (long) driveway. My feet look much more worn than they usually do, but they don't feel tired or sore or anything. A few times I had to sit down and pick out prickers. They're also kind of dusty from the road.

I wish I could post pictures, but until Carol's laptop gets online I won't be able to.

The boys caught two snakes, one was quite big (garter) and the other was smaller, so they fed it to the chickens. Ugh. I don't find anything wrong with the eating chain, but for some reason I had no desire to see a flock of chickens (that I fed this morning, and can attest to their "grabbiness" with their food) peck a snake dead :p M

We've (nearly) all got colds. They aren't very miserable though, thank God. A sore throat and congestion so far.

We met a family called the Sciglianos and it was so fun to stay at their house. We saw them press flax seed (to get the oil) and they sent us off with some fresh flax oil! It tasted way better than regular flax oil from the store, kind of like walnuts. We also saw their baby chicks and baby turkeys (I guess they call them chicks too). Everyone out here (it seems) has a garden. I would love to grow vegetables but we don't have enough time at home.

Pray for our concert situation, we still have 4 weeks of empty space in OK and TX.

It has been so fun being with the Bartletts. I don't remember if I already blogged this, but so far here I have fed goats, fed chickens, picked and eaten fresh vegetables from the garden cooked with venison that Jonathan shot, eaten goat's cheese that someone here made (tastes just like mozzerella!), run through hay fields, picked rosehips, prepared tomatoes for freezing, and probably a lot of other things I have never done before.

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