Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We made it to Kentucky :D

Wait, we're supposed to be in Kansas, right?

Two mornings ago when I woke up to hear the bus start, I woke up to hearing the bus NOT starting up. Our alternator was broken :( This new ailment, added to the other ailments the bus already has, would mean that we would have had to run the generator the whole time we were using any electricity in the bus. So dad decided to turn east, and after reaching a point in South Dakota we headed towards home.

We got a call from our friends in Kentucky and they said they wanted us to come down there and they knew of a good diesel mechanic, so after thinking about it (and staying overnight where the two highways intersected, one heading east, one south) and talking with mom about it, dad decided to head south again, and here we are! It wasn't too far out of our way anyhow, and we're happy to be able to visit with them again.

Hopefully pictures will be coming soon. Today Carol and I went and painted some rooms in a house our friends' son is building. The sky was soo beautiful, there was a cool breeze going, ahhh...the beginning of fall. Means winter is coming. (shhh)
Fall does mean I get a year older, but it also means it's going to getting real cold at home. I should write out a list of the pros and cons of winter :D

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