Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yesterday we were really struggling; do we stay here with nothing on our singing schedule, or do we move on and go home? It all came to a climax last night. After having a lengthy (and emotional!) discussion, we prayed, and as mom stepped back in from getting a phone call, she informed us that Nathaniel, who we met on Sunday, invited us to sing at a birthday party on Saturday :) Several people have spoken about concerts in the area. We're still looking for Sunday morning and night, whether here or closer to the place that the party is at on Saturday. I have absolutely no doubt that we'll be just where God wants us!

And amazingly enough (when will we stop being surprised at how God works things out?), the bus is back from 77 hp to about 150! The mechanics, who didn't seem to know what was wrong and didn't fix anything, mentioned that the fuel lines were backwards, and dad somehow figured out one of the injectors was bad. Long story short, it's fixed :) Praise God.

Now we are off to teach the Myers (who we're still staying with) a song so that maybe they will join us in singing it on Saturday.

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