Saturday, October 28, 2006

My blogger thingy says I've made 538 posts. Wheee. It's only been, what, a very long time since my last post?

We're now in New Jersey and on the last leg of our trip :) Only a little more over a week to go. Last night I discovered I had a CD player and a whole case of CDs (my favorites - that I could find before we left). I just didn't have any batteries. So I borrowed my sister's camera batteries (with permission) and listened to music last night. Today I spent most of the afternoon and some of the morning picking.

Mom and Carol and whoever decided we should practice some brass things while we were just parked and had a place to practice. Oh MY!!! I have lost my chops as far as trumpet goes. I practiced some on my own after our group practice session. I really need to do that on a regular basis if I expect to play any in band this year.

Did I mention one week to go? At that point I should be back to regular internet access (and regular blogging.)

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