Friday, October 20, 2006

One more night in Kentucky, Lord willing. Tomorrow we head to Cullman, AL, then Sunday we have two concerts in Jasper, AL. Monday we have a concert in Phenix City, AL. We have two weeks left tomorrow.

Soo...I'm not sure exactly what to say. Again, I've got stuff on my mind, but I just don't feel like I can blog them, or even write them. I've been trying to write out a few sentences in Spanish every morning - I can just say random sentences and still feel like I'm doing something productive. I really feel like I need to push hard on the Spanish front. I've never met so many Spanish speaking people on a trip. Not only Spanish speaking people, but people who ONLY speak Spanish and very little English. Other than that, I've been slacking on guitar practice and all of the other practices I'm supposed to be doing.

I went for a run yesterday with a few of the Van Horns (the family we're with) and I only made it the first mile, and miserably at that! About a quarter into the return trip home I started feeling nauseated, and then my chest started aching and my breath was catching (or maybe that was just my lack of discipline and I was imagining it, I'm not sure). I haven't run for about a month, so I guess I'm reaping what I've been (or not) sowing. I could feel at the beginning of the run that I was going a little fast, but it was only fast for the amount of running I've been doing lately; it was slower than my normal pace. How discouraging :p

Today the Van Horn girls took us out on their horses. It was so much fun! The horse I was on reared up while I was trying to get her to go someplace (following the rest) that she didn't want to go. I was glad I didn't fall off, the son said later that a horse once reared up and he fell off and it fell on top of him :( Anyhow, they were great teachers and I made it home alive and in one piece :) (or, the millions of tiny pieces that make up a human body).

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