Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I take horrible pictures but here are my glasses. When Carol takes a better one I'll replace it :D

The old glasses (pardon, well, pardon me and my face!).
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Ok, and the scarf is just for fun, and I wore it that way walking to work today. It's a very simple way to keep your ears from freezing! I don't mind how it looks kind of odd, I rather like it. It's usually my favorite hat in the winter time. It's much easier to imagine that today's dreary grey day took place in Siberia and not the US in that getup.

New glasses! (I'm sorry I cut my head off. You can attribute that to either being a poorly done self portrait or the fact simply being my brain wasn't there to be in the picture!)
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Actually, I just took my glasses off. Heh.

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