Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Last night I sat down to blog, but nothing came to me. This morning after devotions and breakfast I got dressed, wrote out a list of things I need to do, and practiced for a few minutes. Then I remembered that if I didn't make bread in the morning, it wouldn't be ready for lunch. So I came down, found this recipe, and decided the family would be eating french bread today :) It isn't done yet, though, so I can't recommend it. EAT (whoops, should have been ETA): I do recommend the bread! Here is a picture of it:
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While I was taking the picture they took the other loaf and ate it!

Yesterday I made Vetebrod, a Swedish sweet bread. It was done right before we left to vote (argh, another topic to blog about), so I just cut a few pieces (it gets crushed if you cut it hot) and ate a piece or two. When we got home, both loaves were gone :( Carol made bread yesterday and she made french toast out of it this morning. Mmm.

And I voted for the first time last night. I don't think anyone I voted for got in! I haven't looked at the results yet, but I heard our governator is now Mr. Deval Someone-I-Can't-Remember. All I know is that I heard he wants to spend more money, give more rights to illegal aliens, including issuing drivers licenses, and even his own literature has an endorsement by an organization I don't like. Our choices this year were bad and worse, and we got worse! Voting kind of reminded me of giving blood, all the booths lined up and people getting in line. It was a whole lot quicker though! And for those of you who might point out that voting is a privilege and I ought not to liken it to getting blood sucked out of you, I liked donating blood :D

I asked my dad for advice on who to vote for, but I read all of the questions on the ballot and considered them myself. I hate not being prepared and not really knowing who was for what, but we were on the road and I wasn't keeping up with it (sorry excuse).

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