Thursday, November 09, 2006

Quick update:

This morning I got up at 6am so I could use the leftover pizza dough to make cinnamon rolls before Dad and Matthew had to leave. When I reached the dining room I heard a faint beeping noise. I figured it was some electronic device that was low on batteries. For some reason, I got curious and decided to figure out exactly where it was coming from. Every direction I moved, I seemed to move away from the noise. I finally located it: my laptop power supply was beeping (it was on the floor). I had never heard it beep before. I reached up to the plug where it connects to my laptop and it felt kind of fat. I unplugged the power source and investigated. The area by the power jack has been melted. Praise God that it didn't start a fire! It won't power up, but I think we're taking it to Best Buy tonight. I hope it's covered under the warranty. I'm just really thankful that there was no fire, and if my data is gone I'll just have to live with out it. I've got to find out how much they'll charge to back it up for me, providing the harddrive isn't fried...

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