Monday, November 06, 2006

We're home! Yes, for real, I'm back with my own laptop and will be sleeping in my own bed tonight. I spend most of the morning helping unpack the bus, most of the afternoon cleaning, and most of the evening unpacking, and then I wrote a letter (or tried to) en espanol. It took me 21 minutes to write 14 sentences! I have to look up most things in the dictionary and a book I have on verbs.

One thing I learned while we were gone. When people do good things for us, I'm often much quicker to thank the person than to remember to thank God. I do thank God for the good things that happen, but I don't remember in specifics as often as I do when someone has done something before my eyes. So while it's wonderful to thank people for the nice things they've done, thank God for what you've been blessed with AND that He'll bless the person who has blessed you. And thank the person :) God can do so much more than anyone can.


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