Friday, December 01, 2006

About a month ago I got an email about a jam in the area. We've gone several times and had a good time. For the uninformed, a bluegrass jam is where you bring instruments and play, usually in a circle. In bluegrass, solos are improvised. Someone kicks the song off and takes lead while the other instruments accompany (or "play backup") and then different people take breaks (turns soloing) while the song goes on.

Ok, so I'm standing there, I think this was the first week. I was standing next to a guy who was playing a Goodall guitar (maybe I've got that spelled wrong?), but anyhow, I think he asked what my guitar was and then asked if I wanted to play his. I said sure, and we picked through a song on each other's guitars. After it was over, we both said "nice guitars, [blah blah blah]". Then I asked him how long he had played for. He said about 4 months, and I was shocked! He played better than I do, although I didn't see him play much lead. Someone else in the jam said "Yeah, he took some speed course." I asked what speed course it was and he kept saying "Ya know, the one on TV, what's his name." So I asked the guy what he did to learn that and he said he was in prison for 15 years, and not only in prison but also in solitary confinement, and there he did a lot of zen meditation, so when he got out and started learning guitar, he had no barriers. I wasn't too keen on the fact that he gave credit to his guitar playing to zen meditation, but I didn't say anythng about that. I was kind of surprised he was in prison for that long too, and I mentioned we got to sing in a jail a month ago and it was really nice to be able to sing there.

Ok, go home, several weeks later, a friend comes by who wasn't at the jam (but frequents others) and I describe what happened. He laughed, and said those guys make up stories :p

Last night's jam: The guy who played for 4 months wasn't there, so I asked his friend if he had really only played for 4 months. This time he laughs. I'm thinking there's something wrong here. He says "And he told you he learned after he got out of prison, right?!" More laughing. To make a long story short, someone put sheep material on my orbs. I can't believe they'd make up stories like that and say them with such straight faces!! Needless to say, I chuckle every time I think about me listening to a poor ex-prisoner who claims to have found the answer in zen meditation.

It's thunderstorming here, I think I'm going to unplug.

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