Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'm discovering that editing video takes a lot of time, a lot of computing power, and a lot of space on my hard drive. I made a 10 minute clip that was 2 GB large, and it's full of stutters. Yay. I'm disappointed with the video quality of my digital video camera. Yeah, I bought it for only about $70, but it was on SALE at Walmart at the time I purchased it for $325, so it isn't really a seventy dollar camera. I should have just coughed up the $3,000 it would have cost for a HD camera and bought a new computer so I could process it :)

I'm in the process up uploading a lower quality video to youtube.com, once it's completed I'll link to it for you to check out. Even though it's only 6:30 minutes long, and it's only 30 mb, it's taking forever to upload. It's basically a documentary on our summer tour. The best part of being the person with the camera is you're never the one in front of it :D

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