Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is it true that the more you blog, the more readers you have?

Every so often I take out my box of clay and do a project. Thanks to the helpful ideas in Creating Miniatures with Polymer Clay by Sue Heaser, I started (and finished!) another project. Here is a table with some bottles in about 1/12 scale.

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And here is the same table with a hand for size's sake, and the kitchen mixing bowls I made. It would be a lot of fun to make a kitchen room type thing out of a plywood box and furnish it. The book even has ideas for a wood stove and a sink.

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Conversation between The Judge and Bonnie:

Judge: So what did you do with your life?

Bonnie: I slept, I ate too much, spent time working it off, I went online, blogged and played my guitar :(

What in this life really does matter? Today on my way home from work I saw the (relatively) still river with the sky reflected in it, going from light blue farthest away from me and fading to black as it came closer, ending up under my feet on the bridge. Last week when I saw it I thought I ought to take mental notes so if I ever tried to draw or airbrush a scene like that I'd have something in my memory. This week what popped into my mind was to praise God. What higher purpose could that beautiful scene have than to bring glory to God? Who cares, really, what beautiful pictures can be painted, if credit is not given where due? And who cares if beautiful songs can be "written," if God is not given praise for creating the system we call music? Isn't music that points to the person who is displaying it rather than the creator pointless? Let us not worship the painting, but the Painter.

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