Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hoooowdy from North Carolina, our current location. We'll be here a few more days then it's off to Florida.

First off, since I found out there's homefolk reading this, Hi the LeBlancs, Marshalls, Theriaults, and especially Mrs. Dickenson :D And howdy whoever else I missed.


Life on the road has been good. The hardest thing is to keep my big huge bag from lying on my legs when I go to sleep. I think I need to rig up something on the ceiling of my bunk to keep my bags UP away from me. I should have brought less, but it's so hard to know what you'll need for 9 weeks. Sometimes I find I have too much of one thing and I absolutely run out of something else. It's been fun, going down the road picking in the front next to dad (nice little niche in the stairwell of the bus to pick a guitar). Everyone else seems to have caught on to jamming in the bus and usually there are a few people practicing at once.


I botched all of my solos today. I feel like a "B" musician. I haven't prepared well enough. I think I'm going to have to stop improvising solos for now. It's too unpredictable and usually I end up with a boring sounding, blotchy, sputtering solo. Don't I paint wonderful pictures :)

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