Saturday, January 13, 2007

I just worked my next-to-last work day before we leave for the south! I haven't packed at all yet. I haven't even got my bunk made up. I'll tell you another time if I'm a procrastinator or not...

We will be in NC, FL, and TX mostly I believe. Here is our schedule for people who would like to see if there's one near them, or who are just curious as to where we'll be.
As internet access pops up on the road, I will hopefully be able to update with what we're up to along with some pictures.

Tonight we are going to discover how well we know our new bluegrass tunes. We've been working on some new ones and have been (surprise surprise) PRACTICING! I was thinking it'd be awfully fun to just record them in my room with the multitracking software, then we could critique it all before we go to the studio with them. With just a few days left, though, I dunno if I'll get around to it.

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