Thursday, January 11, 2007

I received a disturbing email this morning:

On Focus on the Family's broadcast last night, Dr. Dobson shared that the new Senate's first bill to be voted on next week, Senate Bill 1, is one of the most dangerous bills ever to come up. One section of it very effectively shuts down any conservative group's ability to let the grassroots people know what is happening in Washington. It is a huge violation of freedom of speech and if passed, the government would be able to fine these groups $100,000 per violation (a violation would be any kind of information given to people like us that would let us know about bills we are concerned about). If this passes, the Democrats in Washington could pass virtually any bill they like without those of us who care (and those of us that the bill would effect) even learning about it.

It is vital that we act on this NOW! Find out the details at


and then go to


to find the numbers you should call.

If we don't act now, we may not get the chance again! This bill will probably be voted on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

Please forward this to other conscientious Americans you know and pray that God would fight with us for freedom of speech in America!

I emailed our senators (Kerry and Kennedy!) and I hope you will email or call yours as well.

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