Monday, January 22, 2007

NEWS FLASH! We're in North Carolina! Oh wait, I already told you that :)


We stopped at Sam Ash, a big music store in Charlotte, NC. We talked with the repair guy there about the tuners we had bought for my Blueridge br140 but didn't fit, and he suggested some others and they did fit so we bought them. Very cool :D I've only changed one so far, but tomorrow I'll probably take all the strings off and do all of them. They're gold, and I'm not sure how well they're going to match the inlay on the headstock, which is primarily silver toned. I hadn't thought of that when we bought them :| They'll keep the strings in tune though, so they're good.


I've been trying to eat healthier. I've heard about it all, white sugar is poisonous, cholesterol will make you fall dead in your tracks, soy is the big bad no-no, etc etc.. While I think most people go overboard on some things, that's ok. Everyone goes overboard at one point or another, I'd guess. The only reasons I'm trying to eat healthier are A. I have extra fat hanging on me, and B. my face is still breaking out from time to time (read: it always is, just in varying degrees). It's obvious I'm doing something wrong. If white sugar is the culprit, then fine, maybe it has to go. But there are hundreds of other people with other opinions :)

This afternoon all good eating efforts dissolved. After a lunch of cottage cheese, a carrot and a cup full of purple cabbage, I ate all kinds of junk :) Someone gave us granola bars, poptarts, etc (among other things) and they were on the counter. One small piece lead to a bigger piece, a bigger piece lead to another big piece. Of course, granola bars can't be that bad....can they??!


Carol took this kind of cool picture.
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I have my face in my jacket because I was eating and I thought my mouth might have food on it!!


The wonders of Corel Draw. This picture was really yellow to begin with because someone took it in low light without any flash, so I put a filter on it to correct in and then put some kind of filter on it to make it "funky," or whatever they call it.

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Well, I guess it doesn't look that cool, but compared to the original it looked kind of neat :)

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