Saturday, February 10, 2007

Has anyone noticed that the stat counter here is almost to 30,000? It's kind of hard to believe it's gotten that high, although it has been a good long while since I started it. Who's going to be the 30,000th hit??!


We're now in Houston. We have a few concerts here but not too many. After we're done here we head to Victoria, TX. It's been so great to meet up with the friends that we've met in the few years past that we've been on the road. God is amazing! I love the Psalms that say things like "Proclaim the greatness of the Lord." He truly is great and wonderful and there is no one like Him. I've heard people say "Well you can't say things like "Praise the Lord," or "Lord willing," around people who aren't Christians, they'll just think you're a religious fanatic and they won't understand. What do you all think, based on what the Bible has to say? I'd sincerely like to hear your views on the topic.

I have completely neglected our family newsletter. It's terrible, I know. I still have the list of names for it to be sent out to, but the account stopped working for some reason so I can't send it out from the right address. I've been thinking about transferring the list to my address. Then instead of reading MacDonald Family Singers it'll show as from Bonnie MacDonald. Somehow I think that might be better than no newsletter at all, but I'm becoming increasingly concerned about what I write. Am I supposed to sum up what we've done, no matter how boring? Just give prayer requests? Go into an indepth ramble on spiritual matters and possibly offend people who would interpret that as a woman trying to teach a man? I don't want to send out a trivial newsletter, but I don't want to be overstepping my bounds either.


It's 44 outside now, last I checked (this morning) it was 9 degrees at home! We're very very very blessed to be here, even if once we got down here 44 started feeling cold!


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