Friday, February 16, 2007

Ok, for some reason I've been posting things lately that I find humorous. Perfect timing, because I've just run across a video on youtube that fits the theme.

Pat Hetic and the Search for True Love (youtube.com)

That video was made by Daniel Gardner who is a member at Homeschool Alumni.org.

Here is a link to more videos by him and his brothers.

By the way, I think laughing is good for your abdominal muscles :D

A merry heart is good medicine.


I can never seem to get my arms as sore as my legs the day after I work out. I work both separately, and usually my legs are all shaky when I finish up, but my arms I just don't have the mental willpower to push as hard. I have a feeling I need more weight, because I can do 50 reps or so of some of the exercises I have with the weights I have.

Anybody got an old set of weights they've given up on using? lol.

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