Monday, February 26, 2007

Yesterday I had something on my mind to blog but the blogger page wouldn't load! Today I can't remember what it was that was so pressing :( Never fear, for the brain of the one writing can churn out a lot of useless writing even on an empty stomach!


We are with the Bailey Family in Victoria, Texas. They're great musicians and such nice people. I'm so glad to have good friends. This morning Carol and I got up a little early and made eggs benedict. Mmmmm...I was so happy the hollandaise sauce turned out good! I broke a thermometer on the first batch and had to throw out the butter. But then I did it by eye instead of the thermometer and it turned out fine.


The weather has been incredible! The thermometer has been reading around 80 during the day. At night it's pretty cool, and today it feels a little cooler than yesterday, but it's very nice weather.


Last night we did a gig in Victoria and a couple came from 75 miles away! Not only that, but the reason they came is because they saw our bus at a Walmart while we were on our way here and they checked out our website. They mentioned they saw me riding on a cart in the Walmart parking lot. Oops! I always figured I can do stuff like that on the road because no one knows me :D


I've been thinking about the aspect of being thankful. We ought to really be content with what we have. Yet if I lost my leg, instead of being thankful for all of the time that I had with a leg, I'd get upset because I'd have to live without one. Sometimes it takes an extreme circumstance to get us to wake up and be thankful, but we ought to just try to be as thankful as we can for everything God has given us. Instead of raging because we can't do what we wish we could, we should be humbled and grateful that we have what we do. It's all too easy to say "If only I could do/have x, y, or z, I'd be so happy." But it doesn't work that way. Be thankful for your ears, your eyes, your arms and legs, and your very life. For the fact that while you've been reading this that you've had oxygen going into your body. It doesn't matter how skilled or talented other people are, it just matters what you do with your talent. Use it for God and be thankful for it!

I guess you can tell by now my little writings on here are often lessons I need to learn :p That's what they are mostly anyhow. There's very little that I talk about that I don't need a huge amount of improvement on. It helps to get it all written down though.

My stomach feels kind of funny and my back aches because of it. The people we're staying with have a cool little training thing, I'm not sure what it's called but it has a bar for pull ups and dips and other stuff. They also have a nice bar with plenty of weights. I think I know what I'm looking for now ;)

Crunches and pushups are pretty simple and pretty good though. The pull up bar is really nice, even though I can't do more than one full pullup from the down position, I can do plenty of reps where I jump up and lower myself slowly (negatives). That gets me plenty sore and I feel like I've done something the next day. It's kind of fun to make the objectives of your workouts to be as sore as reasonably possible the next day. Otherwise it feels like you just wasted the workout.

ETA: Well whadayano, I just remember what I was going to blog about. Yesterday I was doing squats with quite a bit more weight that I usually do. I heard a popping noise but I wasn't too alarmed because my knees usually pop a time or two while I'm doing them. Then I heard a whole series of pops! It sounded really nasty, like there was a lot of fluid popping multiple times and I thought it sounded like it was coming from my hip. So I think oh great, I've worn out my hips and I haven't been able to hear it because I've done my last few workouts in an environment that wasn't quiet enough for me to hear the pops. I figured maybe it didn't hurt because it hadn't worn away everything yet. I figure don't panic, just try to figure out where it's coming from. Definitely my hip. Or hips. Squat again. Same disgusting popping noises. It actually sounded sick. So I went out to the bus bathroom and try it again. Same thing. I was wondering what I was going to do about it when I reached my hand back and felt two LIFE SAVER WRAPPERS IN MY POCKET! They weren't the roll kind, they were the flimsy plastic ones that come in a bag. I was so relieved! Praise God, and serves me right to be eating candy :D

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