Thursday, March 29, 2007

I don't have time today for a long post, got up at 7am this morning and have almost been literally on one task or another (on my to-do list) for the whole time since then.

I found this link while I was asking a question on a forum
(it was on my to-do list!). It's a slide show of unusual pictures. Not the kind you laugh uproarously about, but possibly slightly gasp, draw in breath, or chuckle about.

I think I'm going to start playing trumpet again. I play at concerts all the time, but I never really PLAY. I miss it! I practiced today for a few minutes and it felt great. Just like old times :) Not to mention, I heard the community band I play in is playing with the Marine Band from Louisiana this summer! I had forgotten about band and I really do need my chops in better shape. I'm practicing on my guitar piece too and it's really kind of fun now that I'm able to play it without stumbling a lot. The hours of "make-things-up-and-practice-till-your-ears-hurt" practice are behind me for this piece, I think. Maybe I'll make little additions or revamp little parts of it, but I'm much more comfortable with the whole thing now.


I started planting some seeds today. The soil I took in from our buckets of compost outside were so dry that it wouldn't absorb the water I poured on it. It was very frustrating to stir all 96 little pots (egg trays) trying to get the water to mix with the dirt. I'm going to leave it overnight and spray it with a spritzer and hopefully it'll be ready for seeds tomorrow.


Off to finish some more things on my to-do list till I have to go and leave for the studio (from which I won't get back till late tonight :( But it's good, because we need to do this and it's a great opportunity to have this guy record for us. I'm very grateful for his skill and willingness. Besides, if I'm at the studio I won't be so tempted to snack on bad food ;)


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