Monday, March 12, 2007

Today we are in North Carolina. Lord willing we've got a concert tomorrow and two the next day.

Today we played some soccer with the family we're with and I was surprised at how demanding it was. Or maybe I'm just shocked at the level to which my athletic ability has diminished to ;) I haven't run "seriously" for over two months, minus a few beach runs that got my heart running pretty good. It's actually kind of nice, despite the fact that I haven't run for a long time, as long as I can go at my own pace, I can run for at least 20 minutes. It's certainly not at the same pace I was before (and even that wasn't great) but it's fun to be able to do it at my own whim. I thought that perhaps I would lose the ability to run completely if I didn't keep up with it. Maybe I will keep up being a "fun runner," instead of a fast runner or a frustrated nauseated runner :D


I read this article, entitled The Secret Curse of Hollywood 'Stars.' It was very interesting and thought I would pass it along. Every once in a while you come across something that makes you stop and ponder. Hopefully you ponder things often, but some things strike you more than others. You know, when you pick up the magazine someone left open and the article is exactly what you needed to hear. I can't count the number of times this has happened to me. And sometimes, it's something that occurs before I need to hear it - a warning, if you will.

I can remember thinking when I was a few years younger, "I need socks." But I decided not to worry about it. Somehow the next week I found some socks someplace that fit the bill perfectly, and they didn't cost me a thing. That experience in itself may be a small one, but it was one that stuck in my mind. The fact that God really does supply our needs. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes it takes more time than we would like, and sometimes it's not at ALL what we expected. Not too long ago I blogged about God giving me victory in an area of my life (I didn't mention specifically what it was). And no kidding, I found myself asking God to take away the very thing that was bringing me victory, because it was painful. After I realized that it was bringing about repentance in my life it was easier to bear. If you know medicine is working, it doesn't matter if it hurts. Sometimes the answer to your prayers is not what you want. Persevere anyway, and ask for God's will. If you want to be strong you not only endure the sore muscles resulting from working them hard, but you put out the effort to pump the iron. Like Paul said, beat your body and make it submit - submit to God. This is worth far more than running the world's fastest mile, or bench pressing more than the strongest guy in the world. Make it a priority.

Do you eat breakfast every day? Do you eat lunch? Do you eat supper? My brother taught us a great saying - "No read, no feed." I think he got it from Ray Comfort. Some people don't eat breakfast, but most of us eat at least three meals a day at some point during the day. Make it a priority to read your Bible before you eat your first meal of the day. Remember, no read, no feed!

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