Friday, March 09, 2007

Today we did a lot of driving. We're parked at a Walmart across from a Super 8. Our next concert is in Raleigh, NC.


I discovered I have a seemingly invisible splinter in my pinky finger. It's right where the guitar strings touch it. I put tape on it in an attempt to "sticky it out" but it's definitely still in there. I poked around with a pair of machined tweezers but I didn't get it. It isn't terribly painful but it sure is annoying! I'm hoping if I wrap it in duct tape maybe it'll be out tomorrow morning.


The other day Carol and I went for a walk at a rest stop. We had been stopped for a while, Dad was resting, everyone was just hanging out in the front of the bus. When we came back and walked up to the bus Vincent was carrying a toolbox towards the back of the trailer. Fixing something? Yeah I'm fixing something, he says, with one of those funny half smiles on his face. We followed him back to where he's walking and we realize that our trailer tire is incredibly shredded to pieces, our light on the back is broken, and the little fender that goes over the wheel looks like it's been spray painted silver. Well, it turned out we'd gotten a flat (double axle, thank God!) without knowing it and all of the metal in the tire had been whipped off and had sanded all the paint of the metal fender (making it look dull silver). We were kind of hoping to fix it before Dad woke up and tell him later, but we had to look for some parts and in the process he became alert and figured out what was going on. Carol might have some pictures of this interesting event before long.


I was sitting at a concert the other day when I caught Vincent's eyes across the audience (we happened to sit on opposite sides) and kinda made faces. They were very restrained, mind you, and no one would have figured out what was going on. But anyhow, I was just struck by how I enjoy my family. We meet so many people in so many situations, some of them quite sad. I am sooo blessed! I'm blessed to have so many friends who I really enjoy spending time with. Sure, there are struggles sometimes, but it's worth every bit of the "stuff" that goes on.


Here's a chance for reader partipation!! What's the most ab stressing exercise you know of? I'm trying sincerely to get my abdominals as sore as I can. I'm not doing it very well. I think I need more will power. The problem is, I can actually make myself feel sick, and I hate the thought of doing another crunch because it'll make me feel sicker, but the next day I don't seem to be as sore as I ought to. I'm absolutely sure I'm not pushing myself hard enough, but I'm not sure what to do about it. A pullup bar is definitely on my list of "things to make and install when I get home." I'm not sure how I could make one of those things where you can "stand" in it with your arms supporting you and lift your legs up to work your abs. I suppose with a brother who welds nicely and some scrap steel anything is possible. Who knows, I might even take welding lessons ;)

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