Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Whew, 14 comments on one post is quite a few. I haven't gotten that many in a while, I think. I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, or done anything drastic.

We've driven about 900 miles these past three days so most of my time has been spent sleeping, picking, or eating. Or just sitting there feeling like going to bed. For some reason I've been really tired. I'm getting up earlier than usual (don't know why either, it's not like I have to get up for any reason) and listening to talk radio by night. Well, sometimes it's music. But anyhow, it's harder to play guitar when you're tired. Sometimes it feels like all the strength has gone out of my arms and I just sit there. I'm positive this is mostly mental, but anyhow, I'm kind of tired! And that reminds me, I'm supposed to do an upper body workout at some point today before we play tonight... Someone come over and holler at me to do it, will you?

We're working on some new tunes for our CD and brushing up on ones that we already play. When we get home, Lord willing, we'll be able to hit it hard in the recording studio. There might be a guitar solo on the album! If I can finish up the tune I'm working on playing now, I might be able to put it on. Oh yeah, and I found out that a break I've been working on for hours and hours (literally, I'm guessing I spent 4 hours on it the past few days) DOESN'T WORK! In the second half of it the chords totally do not match up. So maybe that's why I'm feeling so bummed, and I had just forgotten about it. It's no fun to work on something and think you've got it and practice and practice and then find out it doesn't work. Tal vez, I'll be able to patch it up. Whoops, slipped into the future language of North America. Wait, North America, what's that? Isn't that like way out of vogue? It's globalism now people...globalism. Trample the constitution and leave freedom behind.

I guess that's it for now. We'll be in Florida a little while longer, then we'll head up the coast and be home soon.


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