Thursday, April 12, 2007

Howdy from a Toshiba :D My Gateway laptop went back to Best Buy one last time for a repair and it was deemed to be a lemon (4th repair).

I must say something for Best Buy's lemon policy. Buy a laptop at Best Buy, purchase the warranty (it was $250 extra) and USE your laptop! If it breaks 4 times in 3 years (any combination of hardware repairs, this doesn't mean you have to have 4 repairs on ONE part). They fixed things on my laptop like popped off keys from the keyboard, a cracked hinge, a melted power jack, etc. It's great. I suppose if you never use your laptop it's no really worth the extra but in my case I really really am glad that the person who gave it to me bought the warranty.

For those of you who might be interested, the laptop has got 2 gb of ram (and the text in this window is jumping as I type, it's not going smoothly at all!) a 1.6 ghz processor and 220 gb harddrive. I'm starting to think Vista, the new windows operating system must be as big of a memory hog as it's been told to me that it is. I am transfering files but this lag in the text as I type is most annoying.

Hopefully I will start editing video again and doing cool stuff like that again soon :)

Today it's raining and icing and snowing. It's really nasty weather. Thank God we were able to get some trees cut and some wood stacked. It's a blessing because we were starting to run out of wood and it's STILL cold here!


I discovered that the entry level of single bench pressing for the VT Police Department for women is .65 x bodyweight. I think that's only 81 lbs for me! I think the max I have ever pressed is 100 and that's still a litle way from my bodyweight (or more like a big way!). I ate sugary cinnamon buns today and they were so yummy. Leftover pizza dough and cinnamon sugar go a long way at tasting good. Am I going to get fatter? Probably. I don't think I'll ever be decided if I'm fat or not. When I eat good I always think I'm too fat and when I eat fatty, disgusting things, I always think I'm fine. Now why's that?


I was nominated by a good friend Izzy Lyman for a Thinking Blogger Award. Hopefully I'm within the rules by waiting to post my five nominees. I just need to think about it some more ;)

Mrs. Lyman, by the way, introduced me to blogging and blogger.com.


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