Friday, April 20, 2007

I need to correct one of the things in my list below. James W. Lanning is actually some guy I met randomly out there. It did have something to do with blog hopping (mine) from comments left at various sites of people who knew each other online, but not he is not directly a friend of a friend of Mrs. Lymans. So basically I'm wrong :) I'll try to be less confusing in my future posts, if possible...


This morning I was awakened to a principle I've grossly overlooked. How many of you spend time in earnest prayer for your family? How many of you lay your family's burdens on the alter and pray for God's wisdom for another family member's struggles? I must admit that I haven't even given it much thought. Sure I pray that God will bless my family, but rarely do I have specific thoughts on my mind when I do so. Basically it's like a "bless my family and make us a good witness." But there's so much more to it than that. Sometimes I pray for friends and I don't really know what to pray for. But we who live with family members know each other (should know each other) very well. We know what's bothering people, what they're struggling with, what they need - even if sometimes they don't see what they need. Maybe it's just me who forgets about things like this. If you really love your family, pray for them. Intercede in prayer on behalf of those who are struggling and pray that God would bring conviction where it's needed and to comfort those who are in need of comfort.

2 Samuel 12:16
"David pleaded with God for the child. He fasted and went into his house and spent the nights lying on the ground."

Luke 18:1
Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.

Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

And this one is a really good one! (Not that the others aren't.)
Ephesians 6:18
And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.

If your siblings and parents are Christians, pray for them! If they're not Christians, pray for them!


I'm trying to make bagels. This endeavor is something both my mom and sister have successfully completed. I have yet to see if mine will be a flop or a good batch of bagels. I'm trying to take pictures as I go, maybe when I finish I'll have some pictures to post. The recipe is from a book I got at the library called The Bread Baker's Apprentice, by Peter Reinhardt. The first 100 pages of the book are just info on the process of making bread. The 11 steps of making bread, how yeast works, how to figure mathmatical formulas for bread (ratios). It's very interesting and I'm looking forward to reading his first book, Crust and Crumb.


I went for a run yesterday, it was so nice out! After days and days of rain the sunshine is certainly welcome. We swept the front sidewalk and cleaned. I suppose that's what they call spring cleaning. I can't wait till the temperature outside is higher than the temperature inside - that means window opening is in order. Even yesterday with the sun it was still only about 60 degrees out side and it was a few degrees warmer inside. I figured if I opened the window it'd cool my room down too much and be cold at night. I ought to have opened it anyway, because last night it was too warm to sleep under my two sheep skins and big blanket.


I've got a cold. Hooray. I've been looking online and some people who have started weight lifting don't get enough sleep and don't eat enough so they feel like they have a cold all of the time. Amazingly enough, I'm finding that it's easy to get up in the morning as long as I do the same thing every morning. I went to bed at 8:30 the other night because I thought I was going to need the extra sleep - I got up at 5:30am like I planned (9 hours sleep?)and I was really groggy and sleepy. Now if I go to bed at the normal 10:00pm/11:00pm time, I can get up at the normal 6:30 (7 1/2 - 8 1/2 hours sleep) and feel fine in the morning. I'm guessing if I went to bed every night at midnight and got up at 6:30, I'd adjust to it. It might not be good in the long run, but I'd adjust and wouldn't feel super groggy in the morning.

I deadlifted 117 lbs yesterday and I think it was just a little much. It is hard to lift out of your comfort zone; although I can physically lift that much, I don't want to. My mind says don't do it again. It's too hard to muster the mental strength to tell your muscles to work. While deadlifts have been on my list of questionable exercises because of potential risk of back injury, I think I'm going to stick with them for now. When I was concentrating a lot on my abdominals and not as much on my back I was getting unoften occuring but very painful twinges in my lower back (hip). The same thing was happening when we were working on building a house in Kentucky. Since I've been doing deadlifts properly, I've had less pain and I can sleep on my back again without waking up and feeling like something is stabbing me in my joint. At the beginning, deadlifts did seem like an exercise that was aggravating my hip, but I'm convinced it was due to poor form. You can seriously injure yourself deadlifting improperly, so be careful if you're doing it. Research proper form and don't stray from it. Don't lift so much that you can't have good form. Note that that link I just gave does have a drawing of a guy with no clothes on but it looks like a picture you'd look at to see muscles or something and in my opinion, is not immmodest. I didn't even notice it but someone pointed it out so I figured I'd mention it. Also, the links on that page are bound to be dubious. A lot the stuff in the bodybuilding scene is really ungodly. I never want to compete, and I don't want to be a bodybuilder, but some sites that happen to be about bodybuilding have good information on proper form, whether you're lifting to get glory for yourself or if you're lifting to be stronger. And that's not to say there aren't godly people who are also bodybuilders. It just happens to be that a lot of it is not God centered at all. I wonder why, if I had to go through all of this explanation, did I put the link there to begin with? It's not as if someone who reads this is going to randomly start deadlifting!

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