Friday, April 27, 2007

Today I have a few videos to link to (sorry dialup people!).

I was searching at youtube for videos of people performing pull ups and found this 6 year old girl doing them. Pretty neat!

(and yes, I must include something about physical fitness it seems in EVERY post. Maybe I'll be over this phase soon ;)


I haven't played guitar much the last few months but I really want to get motivated to practice. Just for fun, I made a tutorial for youtube of a few G runs.

I also compiled some funny reactions I got to the camera and put them on youtube.

I know my videos are kinda lame, but it's fun to make them :D


Just an update on the bagel recipe - I'm making a video for youtube of the process of making them! The problem is, I can't bake them till Sunday morning (they sit overnight, up to two nights) so the video won't be done till sometime after then. At that point, I should be putting up the recipe. I hope they don't flop this time. I had to edit the recipe a little because I ran out of white flour and had to use whole wheat (ssshhhh!).


My cold is getting a little better. In fact it's a lot better. I took a ton of garlic one day, but I haven't been loading up on it other than that.

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