Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today is the day that five bloggers will be informed that they have been awarded the Thinking Blog Award :D

Many thanks to Mrs. Lyman, who awarded me the honor of recieving a Thinking Blog Award.
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1. Chris Scigliano has a blog that he writes from his farm in North Dakota. I'm always amazed at not only the length of his posts, but that I'm possessed to read entire posts that consist of seven pages long. This recent post was especially touching and descriptive.

2. Carol is my sister (I was told I'm allowed to pick relatives!). Her blog has a lot of photos (yay!) and thoughts that I never knew she was thinking. Reading a sibling's blog comes in handy :D

3. Vincent is my brother and I mention him because his blog talks a lot (thought it's rarely updated) about evangelism, which is one of the most important things we could talk about. Maybe this would encourage him to post more, as his evangelism efforts are definitely an encouragement to me :)

4. Jonathan Bartlett is in North Dakota also and is a homeschooler. His blog always has som new bit about farming, gardening, or hunting. He has pictures and videos on his blog and he keeps his readers informed of issues facing our country, especially where farming and agriculture are concerned.

5. James W. Lanning is a friend of a friend of Mrs. Lyman who I have never met in real life. I visit his blog to check if he's got any more poetry up, or has posted ground breaking points about the news of the day.

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