Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yesterday we spent a good bit of time at the studio.

On the way home I read a booklet by Ray Comfort called How To Get To Heaven Without Religion, or something like that. In part of it I came across his No Read No Feed idea, and he also said something interesting about reading the Bible. Sometimes I feel guilty because I'm reading my Bible just because I know I have to. I have other things to do and it makes me feel like a hypocrite because I know that I'd rather do something else. Mr. Comfort mentions that sometimes you'll really feel enthused about reading the Bible and have a huge hunger for it, and other times you'll feel like it's rather dry and you might not enjoy it as much (not his exact words!), just the way it is with food. Even if you aren't enjoying eating something, it still is doing your body good. And if you don't eat at regular intervals, you'll become weak and starve. Sometimes we don't like the foods that are good for us - vegetables, whole wheat, etc., but as you understand how good they are you actually learn to enjoy them.


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