Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hopefully my readers will be happy to hear that I passed my evaluation for the Massachusetts Motorcycle Safety Course :D The written test has more questions than the regular written exam at the DMV and that riding part was definitely more difficult than what I've heard the road test at the DMV consists of. (This is the secret about what I spent 15 hours doing on Monday and Tuesday.)

We had to do figure 8's in a rectangle written on the ground, points for touching the ground and for going outside the line, do a swerve, and a quick stop at a certain point (then they measure how much further past the line you went, and you get points for breaking early or for slowing down). It isn't hard, really, and it was a lot of fun. The school I took the two day course from is SM Motorcycle School. I've met both of the owners ( The "S" and the "M" of the name) and the course is really a lot of fun. Not only do you learn a lot of stuff, but if you pass you get a certificate to get your license without a roadtest (if you've prepaid at the registry, you get it mailed right to you) and a break on insurance.

I feel way more like I'm aware of what's going on around me on the road. I also discovered that yes indeed, I need a smaller bike than the one we have now. I haven't actually ridden ours yet because it needs some work, but when I stand on it my feet don't sit on the ground flat footed. On the little bikes we used at the course I felt much more comfortable and realized that it'd be an advantage to have a bike that's shorter.

After the course, I borrowed a bike and went out for just a mile or two. It was fun, but my dad reminded me that the thrill of doing something the first few times usually wears off. Yeah, I'm sure it will, but I'll have fun in the meantime :D

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I made a video Sunday that I haven't had a chance to upload or do anything to. I'm not sure if it's impolite to leave readers hanging (kind of uncomfortable!) but I'll wait to tell you what it's about until I get it all edited and stuff. It involves an art project and something that has to do with air pressure. Any guesses? (If my family guesses, it will defeat the purpose, since they already know about it!)

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