Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I was taking a break at work this morning and sitting there thinking, I go online every day. That means I go places where things change. I don't visit the same websites every day that have information identical to the information I saw last week. Change is key to having frequent visitors, but how frequent is annoying?

So folks, think about it. Is it more annoying to visit a blog that you haven't visted for a few days and find 2 or 3 posts new since you came, or to visit a blog that you've been checking every day for a week and still no update? Which are you more inclined to visit?


For those of you who may be fed up with Internet Explorer, maybe you should try Opera. No, you SHOULD try Opera! So far I haven't found another browser that will do all of what Opera does; Tabbed browsing (how did I surf before tabs!?), Speed Dial (a grid of 9 squares with thumbnails of each of your favorite sites, reloaded with a current thumbnail at intervals you specify) and the ability to save a session - when you close Opera with 5 tabs open, the window automatically remembers those tabs. Next time you open, all 5 tabs will be there. That way I can save articles I've only read halfway, only read half a thread and come right back to where I was later, etc., etc.

Oh yeah, and I forgot you can just put your mouse over the tabs and see a thumbnail of the page that's loaded under that tab. I think other browsers do that as well, but Opera really has a nice browser. Now if you have your own favorite browser that's all well and good, but if you think it's better than Opera then let me know :D


I also did some more thinking on the way to the library, but this thinking is very hard to describe. I'm not sure why it's so hard. Maybe it's crystal clear, but my mind is just muddled.

What is the reality of life, is it the harsh, grim reality of those living in third world countries? Is it those whose lives are learned about in Fox's Book of Martyrs? Is it the chubby, bright faced baby who has no concept of what reality is? Is it my cushy American lifestyle where I constantly blog about my food habits, complain about body composition, and write about trivial things like what the best browser is? Is your life reality? How many times do you read about someone else, or watch a movie, and think, wow, how small is my world really?

There is a vast world out there, and each person has a perception of reality. Reality is indeed as grim as those living under conditions of starving to death, being murdered, being tortured, and is as "bright" as those being loved, enjoying life, etc. etc. However there are two commonalities that I see being shared by all of the human race. Each is created by God, and each dies. That is the beginning and the end of human life on this earth. No matter what we feel, or what we perceive, that is the ultimate reality of the human. Each must face judgement. However horrible whatever terrors this world holds for us, trust that God's judgement is far far more terrifying. Fear not him who can kill the body and then do no more, but fear him who has the power to cast your soul into hell. We might have the illusion of peace in our lives, being Americans (or if you're not from this country, it is obvious that at the very least you have an internet connection, which would be a sign of extreme wealth in comparison to much of the world) and living in a society where life is easy. But don't be fooled. You'll have to give an account to God for breaking his law, the 10 Commandments. If death is the ultimate end to all, then we face a bleak existence. How glad I am for the reality of God's love that overrules personal perceptions, personal prejudices, and personal innacuracies. I'm glad I'm not the fullfillment of my reality, aren't you!?! :D


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