Sunday, May 27, 2007

Today we visited a few older people, one at a nursing home and one at her home. I wonder what it was like when every Sunday was visiting day, and families would visit other family or friends. I haven’t ever seen that happen, but I’ve heard about it.


I made a vegetable beef stew after supper; I’ll freeze most of it to eat later in the week. I loaded it with onions and some garlic so the boys won’t like it. Of course, I didn’t purposely make it so they wouldn’t like it, but I just did it because I like it like that J I haven’t been cooking much lately. I cook the usual meals that I cook, but I haven’t been baking much at all. I miss it, but it’s easier to not have to battle the cake sitting on the counter. Today Carol made a cake and by the time I got to it, it was half eaten. Next time I saw it, it was gone! I did have ice cream though. Gotta cheat somewhere. I dislike that word though. I gotta, um, gotta splurge :D

I found out about two cool websites this week. One is www.craigslist.com and the other is www.freecycle.org. The first is mainly for selling and buying used items (but they also have free stuff, jobs, vehicles, etc) and FreeCycle is free things only. For Freecycle you join your local Yahoo group listed at the website and then receive emails about free items wanted and available in your area. On Craig’s List you can buy things in any area, on FreeCycle you can only do local things (as far as I read). I encourage you to check them out and possibly get involved in trading. I found some great deals on weights, but they’re too far away! Lord willing I’ll find something locally, which would be very cool.



HAHAH! Just kidding :D Unless you consider me my own moderator.

Seriously, I consider what I posted mildly inappropriate and I am not at length to discuss why :)

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