Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yes, it is a video about airbrushing. I recently was reminded (I was looking at a friend's car that has ghost flames on it) that I have an airbrush sitting in my room that was given to me, and I thought how disappointed the guy would probably be to know that the airbrush he gave me to use and learn on is just sitting there. Then I got to thinking how much fun it was last time I had it out and I decided to airbrush another shirt. I really haven't done much airbrushing at all so it's still kinda rough. This is my third attempt at this kind of lettering I think. My freehand lettering just looks dumb so I'm sticking with this for now :D

Airbrushing Video at Youtube.com

I can't find the place to embed it in this page, I'd much rather do that because there are so many yucky ads everywhere :( I'll change it if I can figure it out.

A guy who's a really good guitarist (who also happens to be, and I'm honored to say it, a friend of mine) gave me permission to use his music for the background. So although I doubt anyone will make that mistake, I'm not playing the music. Visit Mr. Corbin's website here.


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