Saturday, June 02, 2007

Chew crunch....chew crunch crunch...sniff...chew crunch...tk tk tk tk tk tk tk....chew...sniff...tk tk tk tk tk tk...sniff sniff sniiiiffff....

(this is me eating a fig and using my laptop). Figs are delicious, are they not?


I've lived a different existence since I got a new laptop without any sort of Instant Messenger on it. I'm not sure exactly why I didn't install it. On the advice of a friend I decided to give it a try and go Instant Messenger Free, TM. (just kidding about the "TM" part :D)
I spend far less time chatting, most of my communication is done on email, forums, and sometimes at chat rooms on forums. Some people I bump into online (at their websites, facebook, etc) and I think "Oh, I used to talk with them all of the time!" I miss some people, and I have been tempted many times to install the messenger programs I used to use. But is it worth it? I still haven't decided yet :) One of these days you may find me with Instant Messenger on my laptop!

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