Sunday, June 17, 2007

A few days ago I made a little mandolin for my brother out of clay. I used my airbrush, even!

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On our way to a concert a few weeks ago I opened the hatch to the bus and saw the sky and trees. It was so beautiful!!!
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God is great. Really, God is incredible. On a trip I took a few days ago I stopped at one of my favorite places in town and ate lunch. When I stopped and really really looked at the view (it's an open field with hills rising out of the far edge of it) I had to stop chewing and just be quiet and be amazed. I was thinking about how complex the blade of grass was that I had my foot on, and how complex just one of the trees on the hillside is. Mindblowing.
I'll have to take a picture sometime and share the splendor - as well as a camera can capture it!


I have dream jobs. Seriously, I make over what my living expenses are, my wages are not entirely confiscated, my bosses are so unbelievably kind, I'm not physically exhausted at the end of my short work hours of doing housework. WOW. I mean W-O-W! I live in America. I can pass out tracts on the street, the only fear being of rejection. No getting shot, no getting my hand cut off, no getting beaten to death. I'm escaping hellfire! W-O-W-!-!-!-! C'mon Bonnie, get grateful. See reality. I invite y'all to join me :D

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