Wednesday, June 20, 2007

For some reason my feet are really achy today. Got an MRI scheduled to check out my right achilles tendon. Around August of last year I started having trouble with it and I've just now decided to find out what's wrong and what I'm supposed to do to fix it. No running for the next 4 weeks at least :|


My sister painted my room today! As I sat amidst the higher-than-me piles of stuff that I had pushed to the middle of the room, I started to feel a little overwhelmed. I had to go to work and then make supper when I got back and I wasn't sure when I'd get the painting in. This weekend is incredibly packed all of the sudden. Work and MRI Friday, studio work Saturday, concerts Sunday and Monday. In the meantime, I've got a great sister who volunteered to paint and a nice couch to sleep on (my bed is nearly completely inaccesssible). Oh yeah, and what color did I paint? Well I went from "celery stalk green" to light purple. The green was really getting on my nerves and it looked so dingy. I was never completely decided on a new color, but when I went to a friend's house and saw her bathroom (purple) I decided nearly instantaneously that I was going to paint it purple. It was so nice to be cured of my indecision for just a little while :P Next I won't be able to decide how the furniture goes back! I've got a before picture (with all the stuff in the middle of the room) and I'll get an after picture when it's DONE!!! Trim comes tomorrow, after the nursing home singing and Bible study.

Check out this cool color visualizer from Sherwin Williams. (click on Launch Color Visualizer.)


I witnessed to a guy at Walmart today while we were getting the paint. I tried to strike up a conversation with the guy mixing our paint but he declined to take the Good Person Test. Later on, while I was in the crafts department an older man commented on my shirt (the back says FDNY) and said maybe there'd be one for the 9 firefighters who died recently. So I struck up a conversation, asking about his shirt (had some initials on it) and we quickly *happened* to discuss who was good enough to go to heaven. First he said "I've never broken God's law." Afterwards, he admitted he had, but said I shouldn't go around saying people are liars because saying "fibber" sounds better! We left and went our separate ways, and later on he approached me in another part of the store, prefaced his question with "I'm a glutton for punishment," and asked if God was punishing him by making him have knee problems and cancer. We talked a little more about sin, judgement, and justice. It was interesting.

Carol was with me and it was nice to have two people - things kind of bounce around and it's a three way interjection conversation instead of a head-on conversation. The message wasn't any less because of it, but it was more comfortable to me.

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