Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hm. There's a lady on the bench. I pause as I wipe my hands on a towel, looking out over the sink and out the window.
Witness to that lady when you get out from work.
I don't have any tracts, I can't witness without tracts.
Would Paul or Peter have said, "I can't preach the gospel to this crowd becaise I don't have printed literature.
Well, no, but what if I make a fool of myself?
Ah, she's gone! Whoops, no, she just walked away from the bench a bit. Now there's a crowd out there, three people against one is just too many.
The Creator of the universe, of you and those three women, is closer than beside you.
Aww..well they just got up and walked away and I still have 30 minutes to go to leave here. I look out about 5 minutes later. They're back. Am I not supposed to feel disapointed that they came back?
(time passes, and a situation ensues which convinces me I need to give the gospel to this woman. I am genuinely over my fear and I am going to start up a conversation as soon as I leave, in about 10 minutes.)
I glance out the window and see her and her mother still there. Suddenly they get up and enter an approaching bus.
You lost your chance.
Well what was I supposed to do, go out there before I was supposed to leave work?
What are you going to do next time you see them?

Point #1. Always bring tracts. I could have run out there before they got on the bus and handed them tracts without having to keep them from catching their bus.
Point #2. Why be afraid?
Point #3. Yes, you've passed up opportunities to witness before, don't pass them up next time.

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