Thursday, June 07, 2007

I found two animated shorts online the other day at an art blog.

If you're morally opposed to mixed drinks, please excuse the mixed drink in the first scene of Maestro. After all, he might be mixing up a ginger ale milk drink or something ;)


No Time For Nuts


I'm trying to find advice on art (drawing in particular) on the internet. However it seems like in every forum there's a good share of nudity and unchristian themes. I hate to click every other topic and have to close the page and think how ridiculous my history would look to anyone who saw it. That, of course, brought to mind that it's probably not worth it if I want to keep my eyes from things I shouldn't see.

This might be a tad touchy for a blog intended for such a wide audience, but I'm starting to wonder what a Christian's view on nudity in art should be - apart from the blatantly provocative nudity that is really nothing more than thinly veiled pornography. Gordon College seems to have something to say about the use of nude models in exercises, at least. Is this something like drinking wine or eating meat? Whatever you think on the matter, keep between yourself and the Lord and not do it if it offends others? Surely not all nudity is pornography? Either way, I find too much other objectionable material on the forums to warrant the advice I would get there - so far.

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