Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It's thundering outside. It has been raining for a while but today it hasn't rained any. Like thunder and winds without rain is a fool who boasts. I know I misquoted that, but I can't seem to find the reference for it in the book of Proverbs.

I went out in the rain the other day and it was so pleasant. Warm raindrops, puddles to splash in as you walk by. It wouldn't be so pleasant if I didn't have a dry house to go to, I'm sure.


And the cold rages against the human body. So far I haven't gotten a ton better, but it can't last much longer. Thankfully I just have a lot of congestion and I don't have too much of a sore throat. This is a many-mile-of-tissue-cold, to be totally open and blunt :p Carol has been talking about making people who get colds take garlic and other such interesting things. I'm sure we could scare our siblings into not getting any colds again :)


It's interesting how the seasons of life go; sometimes the future seems so bright and sometimes it's dimmed by the immediate things going on around us. Feelings don't actually change what's going to happen unless they prompt us to change something, however, so either change it or do it and try to have a good attitude. Pray for strength to complete it. I was thinking about having to do something and I got that dreading feeling, I could almost feel my bones getting sick. Then I thought about something pleasant coming up at some point in the future beyond this task I dreaded, and immediately I felt much better. But then I realized after that fun thing coming up, there would be dreadful tasks again, there would be deadlines, there would be people unhappy with me, there would be regret, etc. etc. But THEN I started thinking that what I really ought to be thinking is that heaven awaits beyond all these tasks, whether they be dreadful or pleasant - that is the ultimate "super duper unsurpassed great moment" coming up that should overshadow all other unpleasant tasks! If I thought about that more often I'm sure I'd be happier.

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